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Coming Together For Guy’s Poboys

Coming Together For Guy’s Poboys
by Justin Kennedy | July 22, 2016

Parkway and several other local New Orleans poor boy shops organized a fundraiser for Guy’s Poboys in June of 2016. Over 800 people showed up to support. Here’s why:

Back in December of 2015, our friend Marvin Matherne’s poor boy shop, Guy’s Poboys, was severely damaged when a drunk driver crashed into another vehicle, sending it straight into the heart of this beloved Uptown shop. Due to the damage, Guy’s closed for six months and re-opened on April 19. Marvin had lost income, and so in May of 2016, Jeff Carreras from Tracey’s approached me with the idea for other local poor boy shops to join forces and put on a fundraiser for Guy’s.

Working Together To Help Our Own

We talked about it and then contacted Ye Olde College Inn, Killer Poboys, and Parasol’s. None of these shops even hesitated to help out. So right from the start, including Parkway and Tracey’s, we had five local poor boy shops coming together to support another local shop.

Parkway is involved in many charities and organizations that we plan to do yearly.  I personally don’t take on too much so I can leave myself open for the unexpected. The accident that led to Guy’s being closed for six months was completely unexpected. Jeff, myself and the Parkway family, and the other poor boy shops worked together over the next month to secure sponsors for the June fundraiser. Zapp’s Potato Chips donated chips, Coca-Cola donated drinks, and Leidenheimer Baking Company donated all the bread! Even Nacho Mama’s Elmwood came out to pour margaritas.

Offline + Online Outreach Makes A Difference

Guy's Poboys fundraiser

At Parkway, we worked with our marketing partner RAPJAB to create a Facebook event for the June 18 fundraiser and an online advertising campaign to reach as many folks as possible.

With RAPJAB’s support, we also created an online fundraiser campaign and decided to call the in-person event the “Community Pop-Up Fundraiser for Guy’s Poboys,” because we are a community of shops and we all contribute to poor boy culture in New Orleans. Helping out our own is only natural.

On the day of the fundraiser, it was raining hard and the streets were a little flooded. But despite that, over 800 showed up at Guy’s Poboys with their umbrellas and appetites to support Marvin and Guy’s! Over 300 guests even used Facebook to check-in at the fundraiser. Once folks got their $15 wristband, they enjoyed their fill of delicious poor boys and other food and drinks from the participating restaurants and sponsors.

It was an awesome day with a feeling of comradery that I haven’t experienced in a long time. But that’s New Orleans!

Video From The Day

Here’s a taste of all the joy–when folks came together for Guy’s in the spirit of giving!

Photos From The Day




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